Pastors & Staff

Keith Henson


Keith is the founding pastor of Yukon Church.  A graduate of Tarleton State University and Southwestern Seminary, he has been married to Melinda for more than 35 years and they have two adult children and two grandchildren.  Keith's ministry began in 1988 and his call passage is 1 Corinthians 9:19-27.

Griffin Smith

Associate Pastor

Griffin has been involved in Yukon Church since the first meeting.  He currently leads the student and discipleship ministry of the church.  He is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma and Liberty university.  He is married to Cristiane and they have 3 children.  Griffin has been involved in ministry since his senior year of high school.

Abigail Stewart

Student and Children's Ministry Coordinator

Abby grew up in Yukon Church from the age of three.  She recently graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in speech pathology.  Abby supports the overall ministry of the church and especially the students and children. 

krista stanley

Nursery Coordinator

Krista coordinates all of the paid and volunteer nursery staff during the times of worship and special events.  She is married to Mike and they have two teenage daughters. 

Kelly Thomas


Kelly serves tirelessly to ensure that everything is working well each week, especially in the areas of media and technology.  He is married to Janis and they have two adult children.

danna clark

Financial Secretary

Danna has served in this ministry position since December of 2005.  Danna has been married to Paul for over 40 years and has two adult children and three grandsons.

megan rose

Ministry Administrator

Megan has served in this capacity for over four years.  She is a graduate of UCO and earned an MBA from Oklahoma Christian.  Megan is married to Britt and they have two teenage boys.